Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Glimpse Of Our New Little One

Today was the day that we got to catch a glimpse of our new little one. 

I think he/she is absolutely perfect. 

The baby's heartbeat was 173 and I am 9 weeks pregnant. Our due date is April 8th. 

I am just absolutely in awe of the fact that this little one is growing inside me. I feel so lucky and blessed. 

April Is Going To Be BUSY!

It is strange not to post these entries... but I'm just not quite ready to tell the world about this pregnancy yet. You understand, right?

Anyway- I have taken more pregnancy tests than I can count. Ever since 8DPO they have ALL been positive. I think this is really happening!! When Jason and Grayson left to go camping on Saturday, I went to Wal-Mart to get some "real" tests (for some reason I don't trust the ones I bought off the internet for .30 each). When I got home, I tested and then sent him this photo:

Looks pretty positive, huh? Since then, I have tested two other times with a FRER (bottom test) and the  test line has continued to get darker and darker. Yesterday the control line was very light because the test line was so dark! 

My mind continues to race. Most of the time I am just overjoyed. This is going to be awesome. Sometimes I'm a little worried-- April is a busy, busy month for my band students. I'm probably going to need someone to take my students to Atlanta (we go on March 29-30). I'll also need someone to conduct the spring concert, take my kids to solo and ensemble, and take my 7th graders to Carowinds. Wow. That is a BUNCH to put on a substitute's plate. So- I'm probably going to be relying on the help of the other band directors in the district. I hope they won't be too upset. 

This too shall pass, and once I get a good plan in place I know I can make it work. Planning is one of my strengths (I hope). 

I sure am looking forward to April though... this is going to be a fun ride. 

The Test LOOKS Positive!

Jason tells me not to get too excited... "You're not just counting your chickens before they hatch. You're counting them before they are eggs!"

I can't help it. It IS a second line. I know it. 

I've scoured the internet. I know what a 8DPO positive pregnancy test looks like... Just. Like. This!!! 

My mind is racing. I'm thinking about our new family member and all of the hopes and dreams I have for him/her. I'm thinking about all of the things I want to do, some exactly like we did with Grayster and some different (nope, not purchasing every type of baby equipment this time, haha). 

I'm trying to take a picture of this positive test, but the camera isn't as good as my eye (or his, if he'll just admit it). 

Don't tell Jason this, but I'm already in love. I love this little ball of 100+ cells that are now in my body. 

So, today I pray. Lord, please help this baby grow and develop.