Thursday, January 15, 2015

Babywearing with Connor

I haven't blogged in FOREVER, and I really miss it.

Truthfully, mostly I just feel like I am going to regret not documenting Connor's early childhood like I have Grayson's, and I kind of think people are getting tired of seeing the "precious" pictures I post on Facebook of my sweet boys.

SO- here goes.

Babywearing has been so wonderful for me. I never knew what I was missing with Grayson, but I have absolutely loved every single minute of babywearing with Connor. There is nothing more relaxing than having your baby right with you, and knowing that he is perfectly content to be there.

The other thing that I love is that Connor has been 100% a part of our lives from Day 1. We haven't been afraid to take him anywhere, because he is content to be carried. He truly has gone to more restaurants at 9 months than Grayson had gone to by 3 years. He is always on the go.

I'll probably say more later, but for now I just wanted to make sure I didn't lose these pictures of our time together. It has been awesome.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last few weeks- RECAP :)

We've had Connor with us for almost 4 months now, and life couldn't be any better. I love knowing that our family is whole and complete. I can't lie though... it hasn't been easy. 

Our house isn't as clean as I would like it. Almost every single room has work that needs to be done and our floors desperately need a good mopping. BUT- our hearts are full. 

Interestingly enough, I feel so much less anxious. Whatever anxiety button Grayson seemed to push when he was born has seemed to get pushed back into place by Connor. Maybe it is just knowing that they grow so fast and that I don't want to waste that time being anxious, maybe I really am "fixed"- I don't know. 

I'm beginning to get a little sad about leaving the boys in a few weeks to go back to work. We have truly had a great summer. I have to remind myself that I remember this well with Grayson. My heart kept making me feel bad for being at school with other people's children instead of with my own. BUT- a few months later that feeling was gone and I really have felt that being a working mom has made me a better mommy. I certainly don't think that every mom should have to work to be their best, but I love the opportunity to challenge myself outside of the home and then come back every night and love on my babies.

One day I'll get back to regular blog posts. I like them so much better than these quick "let me catch you up on the past 100 days" ones. Until then- here are some photos I didn't want to forget. 

I had to get Connor a few super cute outfits at the start of summer. Of course, Jason doesn't like these... but I LOVE them!

Grayson has been such a good big brother. He is the perfect mix of wanting to love on his brother while still wanting to do his own thing. I love watching them together. 

Grayson wanted to make this box into a "rocket". I said yes and we spent an afternoon painting . 

Jason found this black widow while he was cutting grass one day. I had to snap a photo. 

Every night we finish our bedtime routine with books and snuggles. Connor has decided that he wants participate. 

When I look at this photo I can't help but just shake my head and say "brothers"!

Love this sweet guy!

Ready for his first Fourth of July!

At the beach!

My kids were the first to get up every day at the beach. They both wake up within minutes of each other around 6:30  each day. 
I mean- this photo makes me want to marry this guy all over again. 

This one, too.... 

Haha... just for fun. :) 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Now... :)

Is there anything sweeter than all of my boys?? Nope. :)

It is amazing how fast I've fallen in love with this little boy.  He began smiling right around 5 weeks. 

Grayson now enjoys feeding his brother a bottle, just as long as he doesn't have to do it for more than 5 minutes. 

I love this photo and all of the craziness. Yep, that is really what my playroom looks like after Grayson plays in it for a few hours. In fact, that is pretty clean. 

I didn't say he has the best bottle technique. 

My heart. 

This guy has fallen in love with being in this wrap. He wants to be held all of the time (way more than Grayson ever did), and now that I've found this wrap I finally am getting some things done around our house. 

Sweet Smile. 

I took Connor on a walk a few days ago because I thought he'd help me burn a few extra calories. :)

Brother love. 

Gordo loves his baby.

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