Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last few weeks- RECAP :)

We've had Connor with us for almost 4 months now, and life couldn't be any better. I love knowing that our family is whole and complete. I can't lie though... it hasn't been easy. 

Our house isn't as clean as I would like it. Almost every single room has work that needs to be done and our floors desperately need a good mopping. BUT- our hearts are full. 

Interestingly enough, I feel so much less anxious. Whatever anxiety button Grayson seemed to push when he was born has seemed to get pushed back into place by Connor. Maybe it is just knowing that they grow so fast and that I don't want to waste that time being anxious, maybe I really am "fixed"- I don't know. 

I'm beginning to get a little sad about leaving the boys in a few weeks to go back to work. We have truly had a great summer. I have to remind myself that I remember this well with Grayson. My heart kept making me feel bad for being at school with other people's children instead of with my own. BUT- a few months later that feeling was gone and I really have felt that being a working mom has made me a better mommy. I certainly don't think that every mom should have to work to be their best, but I love the opportunity to challenge myself outside of the home and then come back every night and love on my babies.

One day I'll get back to regular blog posts. I like them so much better than these quick "let me catch you up on the past 100 days" ones. Until then- here are some photos I didn't want to forget. 

I had to get Connor a few super cute outfits at the start of summer. Of course, Jason doesn't like these... but I LOVE them!

Grayson has been such a good big brother. He is the perfect mix of wanting to love on his brother while still wanting to do his own thing. I love watching them together. 

Grayson wanted to make this box into a "rocket". I said yes and we spent an afternoon painting . 

Jason found this black widow while he was cutting grass one day. I had to snap a photo. 

Every night we finish our bedtime routine with books and snuggles. Connor has decided that he wants participate. 

When I look at this photo I can't help but just shake my head and say "brothers"!

Love this sweet guy!

Ready for his first Fourth of July!

At the beach!

My kids were the first to get up every day at the beach. They both wake up within minutes of each other around 6:30  each day. 
I mean- this photo makes me want to marry this guy all over again. 

This one, too.... 

Haha... just for fun. :) 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Now... :)

Is there anything sweeter than all of my boys?? Nope. :)

It is amazing how fast I've fallen in love with this little boy.  He began smiling right around 5 weeks. 

Grayson now enjoys feeding his brother a bottle, just as long as he doesn't have to do it for more than 5 minutes. 

I love this photo and all of the craziness. Yep, that is really what my playroom looks like after Grayson plays in it for a few hours. In fact, that is pretty clean. 

I didn't say he has the best bottle technique. 

My heart. 

This guy has fallen in love with being in this wrap. He wants to be held all of the time (way more than Grayson ever did), and now that I've found this wrap I finally am getting some things done around our house. 

Sweet Smile. 

I took Connor on a walk a few days ago because I thought he'd help me burn a few extra calories. :)

Brother love. 

Gordo loves his baby.

Remember This

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our First Week at Home

We have so enjoyed our first week at home with baby Connor. It is amazing how much more relaxed we are this time around. It is also amazing how much fun we are having just cuddling with our little guy. Enjoy the pictures! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome, Baby Connor!

Connor Mac Crutchlow was born April 4th, 2014 at 2:40pm. He weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 inches long. We are in love! 

Birth Story: 

On Monday, March 31st I woke up and began getting some pretty intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I went on to work but they kept coming, and were pretty steady between 8-10 minutes. After 3rd period, I decided that I had enough and needed to leave. My principal was concerned, so she drove me to mom's house, and then I called the pregnancy nurse at the ob/gyn to see if I needed to go in for a labor check. 

As soon as I got home and rested, contractions seemed to slow. We decided to still go in for the labor check, but made the appointment for 2pm instead of immediately. The doctor said that I was already 3cm dilated and effacing, but couldn't tell if I was making progress because I had not gotten checked previously. We were sent home to wait it out but told to come back on Wednesday. We were also told that since I would be 39 weeks pregnant the next day, we could possibly schedule an induction for later in the week. Jason and I decided that I would just spend the rest of the time before Connor's birth at home so that I could get some rest. 

I made more progress when I was checked on Wednesday. Dr. Walvoord said that I was 4+cm and that I was definitely favorable for elective induction and I decided that I wanted to go through with it. She tried to get us scheduled for Thursday but the hospital was full so we were told to come to the hospital at 6am on Friday morning (4/4/14). 

Thursday night we ate dinner at my parent's house and then left Grayson and Gordo with mom and dad. We went home to rest before the alarm clock woke us up bright and early. Jason and I were excited and had a hard time getting to sleep that night. 

At 3am I woke up feeling crampy and tingly. I thought it was just nerves, but decided to get up and go downstairs to lie on the couch. That is when I first noticed that these contractions were way different than the ones before. I decided to go ahead and take a shower. I knew they might go away in the shower, but I wasn't concerned... we were going to the hospital anyway that morning. I managed to get ready, even drying my hair and putting on a bit of makeup. I finished packing my hospital bag and went to the couch to rest again. Fifteen or twenty minutes later I knew I had enough. I asked Jason to go ahead and get ready so that we could head to the hospital early. He was quick, and we were out the door by 5am. 

The car ride to the hospital was harder than last time. I grabbed and squeezed the seat cushions with each contraction. When we pulled into the hospital labor parking lot, I was already exhausted. We slowly made our way up to Labor and Delivery (stopping once on the way so that I could work through a contraction). 

I can't tell you how frustrated I was (and so was Jason) when we got to OB Triage and had to check in with the maternity business office. We were told to wait because there were several people ahead of us (all scheduled c-sections). I was scared... what if I didn't make it to my room before it was time for baby to arrive? 

Eventually the business office lady could tell that I was really in labor and called for some help in getting me to my room. I finished signing my consent forms and was taken back. I changed into my gown and two nurses came in to get me checked in to the system and get my IV started. At this point it was 6:05am and we learned that I was 6cm and 100% effaced. The nurse said that she thought I might have a baby by 8am! 

When I got my epidural she cautioned me to not be surprised if my water broke (it didn't) and to let her know if I suddenly felt the urge to push (I didn't). 

From there, I felt relief and then we waited... and waited. My doctor came in, but he wasn't the one who was actually scheduled for the day. He was working over because the scheduled doctor was busy with a couple of c-sections (probably those happy people in the waiting room-- ie. not me). Therefore, he wasn't in a hurry to get my labor started. He didn't break my water and he didn't give me pitocin.

Early Morning Waiting. 

Obviously after epidural :) 
My mom arrived at the hospital between 9-9:30 and Jason's mother arrived a bit later. They stayed with us throughout the day, only leaving when I had to be checked or have some other procedure done. I felt a little bit bad that I wasn't progressing enough to have already had a baby, but I tried to be patient with myself and just hope they didn't mind too too much.

At 11:30 my nurse came in and said that she had talked the doctor into getting the pitocin started. This really got things cranked up. I began to feel contractions that were more intense (but never as bad as the ones in the car). At almost 1:45, the doctor came in and broke my water. I was already at 9cm before my water was broken. Very quickly, things started happening. I was soon complete. My epidural wasn't quite strong enough, so the anesthesiologist came in and gave me a "labor down" dose so that the baby could make his way down the birth canal and still be semi-comfortable for me. About 2:15 we started pushing and the actual doctor who was scheduled (Dr. Price) came in to save the day. At 2:40, our sweet baby was born.
Hello World! 

With Dr. Price 

Happy Daddy 

Happy Mommy. 

Daddy loves his boy. 

This time was so much easier than with Grayson. I actually enjoyed the birth experience and was talking between pushes. The recovery has been easier, too... I was up and walking an hour after Connor's birth, and we left the hospital only 24 hours after he was born.

I forgot to mention... Grayson loves his brother. We are so blessed. :)