Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Update on Grayson's Heart

Today we went to Grayson's cardiologist again! If you will remember, Way Back in March, we visited the pediatric cardiologist for Grayson's six-month appointment.

Here is a photo of our cute guy at his appointment:

We found out great news!! The ASD that we thought would not get smaller on its own DID! In fact, it is just about as small as it was when he was born. The doctor said we don't need to return again until he is three, and that there is a possibility that we will not need to have a heart catheterization! Yall, last time they told us he might need surgery at three!!

The doctor laughed when he walked into the room and saw our little guy walking all over the place. He said, "You sure can tell that he doesn't have failure to thrive!"

We're really proud of our boy and very happy that his heart appears to be correcting itself. Hopefully we'll have even better news when we go back in two years!


Terri said...

Awesome news!!!! So glad all went well for you and your little guy!! Praise the Lord for such a great report!!

The Dales said...

I am so happy for him and y'all that I could cry! That is amazing news, probably the best news I've heard in a long time. He is such an amazing little guy!