Friday, May 20, 2011

If I had $2,000...

Tonight, the Jason said he wished he had $2,000 so he could purchase some kind of gun that he "HAS" to have. I laughed. I would LOVE to have $2,000 more than we have right now... I'd put it right in savings and leave it there.

BUT-- if I had $2,000 to just spend... I'd probably purchase some awesome things for my camera:

1) Canon 50 mm/ f 1.8- $129. I really want this lens. As soon as I learned a little about photography I decided that I liked wide apertures... this lens is great, fairly inexpensive, and the reviews are fantastic. Every photography board I've visited says this is a must have. So there.  (Edit-- Finally got this lens and I LOVE it!!) 

2) Canon Speedlite 430 EX II $304. I do not like the flash on my camera. I despise it. I don't take a lot of pictures indoors, because I do not want to look at pictures that use my flash. There are a lot of reasons. The main one is this... the flashes on most entry level DSLRs are cheapo and just a little better than the flash on your point and shoot. The pictures they produce are blah... I'm not that into blah. Edit: I didn't get the Canon Speedlite, but I have an off-brand that produces some nice images. A few months after purchasing this item, I will say that it has improved my photography as much as anything else has... a great flash is a must have accessory. 

3) Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 $500. I need this lens, too. BUT this one will be great for portraits. Amateur photographers on the message boards I visit cannot say enough about how great this lens is... so, I want it!

4) Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 $600. This lens is great because it can almost do what both of my current lenses can do (all in one package). Close ups all the way to really wide angle shots, this one can do it all. SO, this one would be perfect for trips... no changing of lenses necessary!

5) Lola Camera Bag- $165. I think I need a cute camera bag. This one fits the bill.

6) Camera Strap w/ lens cover pocket - $25- Not necessarily this one... just something cool looking with a lens cover pocket because I always lose mine and a pocket could help (maybe). Edit: I purchased one from Mallard Cove Designs on Facebook. So cute! 

7) Jarrad Lister- Photography Street School Class - $300- This is a class in our area that gets incredible reviews. The photographer is a hometown guy, so that makes it even cooler.

There you go... grand total, $2,023.00. MUCH cooler than a gun. Haha! 

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