Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Plants

Today I went to our local nursery with a few photos of our front yard and a confused feeling. I found a guy who looked like he worked there, looked helpless, and said, "YES!" when he asked if I needed help!

I showed him the photos of our front yard in its former state. He brought me over to a table, sat down and began drawing. Minutes later he had developed a plan for my yard. What a cool guy!

THEN, he took me around, showed me the plants that were in his plan, and picked out the ones that looked the nicest for me.

I thought this was going to be difficult!!!

Anyway-- I paid for everything, helped watched the guy load it into my truck, and headed for home. I laughed when I thought of what Jason's face would look like when he saw how full the truck was. Then I called mom to tell her all about what I had purchased.

I am NOT a plant girl... and since I'm pretty sure that I'm going to forget what is in my yard in one day (In truth, I don't even remember now-- I just currently have the guy's sheet of paper near the computer.) I've decided to take pictures with plant names and links to care instructions, lol... I have to make this easy for myself.

We still have things to do... mulch and my favorite annuals to put out... but our yard is getting there. I bet our neighbors are so thrilled! :)

OH- and anyone with tips... PLEASE SHARE!! I have a 1 year warranty, but I'd LOVE to not have to use it!

Encore Autumn Twist Azalea

Degroot's Spire Arborvitae

Gumpo Pink Azalea



Harbor Belle Nandina


Terri said...

Love your new plants!!!
We have several loropetalums and they get to be a pretty good size. We didn't realize how big ours had gotten until we compared pictures of when we first planted them and the way they look now. They are really nice and will bloom some little pink flowers from time to time.

Terri said...
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Meredith said...

Steph has gardenias, I know. Ask her about those!

The Dales said...

I love love love to garden. We have the encores and 2 different gardenias. Everything will need a good bit of water the first few summers since they are new but Gardenias don't like a lot of water. If you see the leafs turning yellow and falling off, too much water! Looks good!