Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hours and Tricycle Riding

Wow... this week has been a heck of a long one...

I began my last class of my current master's degree program last Monday. I cannot believe that I am already at the finish line-- but I am certainly not crossing it yet. This class lasts for 12 weeks and I have so many assignments I do not even want to begin to list them. In addition to the assignments, I am responsible for shadowing my principal for 90 hours during this time. That equals out to around 7.5 hours a week... in addition to my current job.

SO- I've been spending long hours at school... long hours to get my students ready for a big audition they did on Saturday, and long hours to get this time in for my Master's program. It has been worth it, my students did exceptionally well yesterday (better than ever!), and I am learning so much through my principal.

Today was family day. We had fun together all day long and then decided to go to a nearby school to walk on the track after Grayson woke up from his nap. Grayson decided to bring his tricycle. He rode around the track 5 times.... that means he traveled 1.25 miles!!! I can't believe it. He is going to have some sore little legs tomorrow morning!!

** I would also like to add this: Grayster does not like trash. The coffee cup lid on the back of his tricycle is something he found while we were out at the track. He picked it up and drove it to the nearest trash can. ***

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Kami Styles said...

Haha! I love him!! He looks so cute in this pic.