Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Concert Festival and Real Life

Today was 8th Grade Concert Festival day. For all of you that have been out of band for a while, or maybe didn't ever get to experience the joy that is concert festival let me just explain:

1. You take 60+ middle school kids to play a concert.
2. They complain about what you decided to make them wear and then proceed to stuff their faces with    TONS of pizza from the pizza buffet, then toot uncontrollably and laugh about it.
3. You get them off the bus, take them to use the potty, yell at 3 or 4 kids for being crazy, unpack, get them in line, pass out their music...


Play a concert and don't mess up... even a little bit!!

My kids did well. We ended up making an excellent on stage (the second highest rating) and superior in sight-reading (the highest rating). I was a little bummed that my kids didn't score higher on the stage portion, but they absolutely played their little middle school hearts out.

The best thing about my life now, is that no matter what my day looked like (good, bad, or crazy), this is what I come home to:

And that is the end of my concert festival story. 

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The Dales said...

Aw, he sure does love that little monkey!