Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 2 of Spring Break- eBay and such

The highlights of today:

1. I cooked my very first whole chicken in the crock pot. I had heard it was easy to do... but I didn't really expect it to be so simple and GOOD!!

I had a whole chicken, took out the giblets, then covered it in pepper, garlic and hot sauce (Jason's favorite). Then I put it in the crock pot with just a little bit of water (like 1/4 of an inch). It cooked all day on low and when it was time for dinner... it was fall off the bone delicious. Since whole chickens were on sale last week at Bi-Lo, I only spent about $4 on dinner! 

2. I'm selling our life on eBay. I get into the mood to do this several times a year. Right now I have 4 auctions going on and I plan to put up more tomorrow. I have never NOT had my items sale on eBay. I figure that it is an easy way to get stuff out of my house and make some money. 

3. Grayson has been REALLY, REALLY good. He has taken LOTS of long naps in his crib and when he is awake he wants to play! We're having a fun time together. 

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Anonymous said...

In January, my boyfriend and I started selling stuff on eBay as well. We've done it sporadically, but I went to go look at our paypal account the other day to see what our activity has been, and I realized we've made over 1,100 on there so far this year! :) And so far, we've had good luck with all the people we've dealt with. We've only had one person who had a problem with a radio we sold him, and he wanted us to refund PART of his money. Instead we just told him to send it back and we'd refund his money to him completely. We turned around and sold it to someone else. Overall, I think it's a really awesome way to get rid of stuff and make money too.