Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Time of the Year

Okay. I'll admit it...

This part of the year has been tough for me.

Throughout my entire life, my favorite part of the year has been marching season. There is nothing like going to competitions on Saturdays, seeing kids put their entire heart into a performance and then seeing their hard work pay off. I love that.

This Saturday, we went to Kingsport, TN. My eyes were teary when I heard Dad talk to the kids about how we were all a family and how families have each others back. They nodded their heads in agreement... some even cried. He told the new kids not to be nervous... they were about to have the best show of their lives. These kids truly get it. We are so blessed.

On the other hand, I miss my little boy. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I don't get home until at least 6:30. Most Fridays and Saturdays are booked with football games and band contests.

Stephanie sent me a text while I was at school a few days ago to let me know that Grayson was doing well. I told her that I was glad, and that I really miss him. It is tough not seeing that little guy. It is also tough, because I know he doesn't understand that his mommy is working so that we all can have nice things and a nice life.

After the first week of November, things start to lighten up, and I'm really looking forward to being able to come home, relax, and play with my little boy all afternoon.

On the other hand, I know I'll miss this time of the year. There is nothing like band season.

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The Dales said...

I know you are pulled in different directions and I can't imagine how difficult it is but just know that we are loving on him and he is being a sweet little boy! I know that doesn't help take away the pain but one day he will know why you are working and he will love getting to go to the football games and competitions with you all! You are doing fine and you aren't alone as a working momma. Take it easy on yourself, you are doing the right thing. Love you!