Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grayster's 3 Year Old Heart

We visited the cardiologist today for Grayson's 3 year old check-up. See previous posts here.  First of all- the doctor gave us a hard time for bringing him in on his actual birthday. He joked and said, "When I told you I wanted to see him at 3, I didn't mean EXACTLY 3!" When the nurses found out, they quickly passed around a card and brought it in with a t-shirt.

We are so lucky to be blessed with a great pediatric cardiologist who really takes his time with each patient. Unfortunately this means LONG appointments. This one was 2.5 hours. Just his ultrasound lasted 45 minutes. He was a GREAT boy the entire time. He was so polite and let everyone do what they needed to do. We were proud of our little one.

The conclusion? The ASD has not grown in size, however Grayster obviously has. While this problem hasn't caused him any issues yet (except for a one side of his heart to be ever so slightly enlarged) it is one that still needs monitoring. The doctor seemed to be hinting at surgery around age 5, but we'll see. We go back summer of 2014 (right before his 5th birthday).

The sweetest thing happened just as we were leaving... after Grayson had been so good for the appointment, it was finally time to leave. He looked at the doctor, patted his own heart and said, "Thanks for looking at my heart." The doctor didn't know how to respond. He said, "Well... you're welcome. I don't get that a lot. Especially not from 3 year old little boys." That's our guy. Love him to pieces.


smhyatt12 said...

That is the sweetest boy you have!!! Love him and you!

The Dales said...

He has a very sweet and perfect heart! He is such a good boy. I know you are proud, as you should be!

Dellly said...

he is a unique little the stories you share at lunch and on FB