Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby Things I LOVE

I wanted to tell you about three of my new favorite baby things. Maybe these will be useful to someone you know.

1. Picky Sticky

Several people have asked me where I purchased the "monthly onesies" for Grayson. Guess what?? They aren't onesies... they are stickers! They are really reasonably priced, and we have enjoyed taking his photo each month on each new "monthday"!

2. Mommy Necklaces

I have REALLY splurged and bought several of these necklaces. They are kid-proof, and that means that Grayson can pull on them instead of my hair. Plus, they look cute. If you do end up getting one of these, you can use my referral code "AliciaBeth" and get 10% (maybe 15%... I forget) off your order.

3. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

A couple of months ago I signed Grayson up for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It is a FREE program where children under 5 receive FREE monthly books (did I mention that it is FREE??). The first one you receive is "The Little Engine that Could" and the last book you receive is something about getting ready for kindergarten. Anyway, it isn't a need based program, so anyone can sign their child up for it, and each child in your family can take part in the program. If you signed up your baby as soon as he/she was born, you could receive 60 FREE BOOKS!!!

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