Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Tears

Okay, okay... I'll admit it.

Grayson made me cry today. 


1) Mom has been working with Grayson to try to get him to wave bye-bye. Yesterday she sent me an email at work about how he waved bye to my dad and then to her when she left him with Miss Stephanie. I didn't really believe that he could do it. Miss Stephanie confirmed Mom's story... but I just had to see it to believe it!

This morning he waved bye-bye to me. I cried all the way to work. I can't believe he is old enough to wave!!! He is learning so much, so fast... it caught me by surprise! I'm so proud of him!

2) Grayson is a great sleeper and usually I just have to put him in his bed at bedtime and he goes right to sleep. Tonight he needed to be rocked to sleep. As I rocked my little boy, the tears came to my eyes. I love that little guy!!

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The Dales said...

Those are very sweet moments. We also laid Perrin down at night when he was this age (but we just let him cry it out, he was NOT such a great sleeper like Grayson) but occasionally I couldn't help myself and I would rock him to sleep and I remember one night singing to him and just crying remembering all those nights I had to rock him because he was so little. This age is hard, when they first start to learn and do things on their own. Oh I could cry thinking about it. I sure will miss Grayson this summer

Oh and he looked/was super proud of himself too when he waved bye bye to your mom the other morning! He was all smiles!