Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick Jason, Water Baby Grayson, and Mischief

Jason is sick. I feel terrible for him... mostly I feel bad that I didn't make him go to the doctor last week. He has been coughing for a while, but I didn't think anything of it and he absolutely has not been complaining at all. On Sunday he said he wanted to clear up the chest congestion that he had so I went out and bought Mucinex. That didn't help. Today he went to the doctor. A breathing treatment and chest x-ray later, we've discovered that he has pneumonia. Anyway... he had to get a shot and 4 prescriptions. Hopefully he'll get better quickly, if not... well... it just isn't a good situation...

Grayson went swimming for the very first time on Sunday!! I forgot to bring my camera (AGAIN), but he had a great time in JuJu's pool. Maybe I can talk JuJu into letting me steal some of her photos!

The following pictures are of some mischief that Grayson got into Sunday morning... I learned to NEVER leave the refrigerator door open... even if just for a second...

Really Mom?? I can't have any Coke yet??

With a smile like this, I certainly deserve this last little bit of Coke. 

Alright, alright... no Coke. Do you like my new shoes??

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