Friday, July 16, 2010

Bargain Outfit- at least for Oprah

I generally LOVE Oprah. During my senior year of college, Mark and I had the cable company give us a DVR and I would record Oprah every single day. I try to make sure I'm at home by 4 p.m. whenever possible so that I can get my daily dose of Oprah. I also subscribe to the magazine. I like Oprah.

BUT-- Oprah and her magazine peeps are a little out of touch with reality. At least, they are out of touch with what my reality is...

Here is what Oprah is wearing on the cover of the latest issue of O magazine:

Cute outfit, right. I like it. Guess what?!?! Everything Oprah's wearing is under $100!! The cover told me so! I guess an entire outfit under $100 is a pretty good deal, so I'll bite and investigate a little further. 

Apparently by "everything is under $100" they mean every piece is under $100. If you add up the true cost of Oprah's outfit you get:

Earrings- $44
Sweater- $70
Shirt- $70
Belt- $53
Bracelets- $170 total
Watch- $55
Ring- $14
Pants- $80
Shoes- $69

TOTAL- $625

I mean, honestly, is an outfit for $625 really a bargain??

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