Monday, July 26, 2010

McFatty Monday Week #2 Results

We're still going strong with our 15 pound challenge. Well... kind of strong. Here are the week's highlights:

1) We purchased a new (more evil) scale. This new scale is digital so I have lost the comfort in saying... I've lost between this many and this many pounds. Now I know... down to the .2 pound. Also, apparently our old scale (old friend) was weighing us about 4 pounds less than this new model. YAY! Not. Maybe I need to make my 15 pound challenge a 20 pound challenge now!

2) We both have to fight the desire to get on the scale multiple times a day. I had eaten some salty food once this week and it put my weight up for a few days... I wanted to quit... Jason talked me out of it. Jason's weight did the same things a few days later... he wanted to quit... I talked HIM out of it!

3) Both of our clothes seem to fit better now. We're both feeling better, and I really believe Grayson is getting easier to chase around the house. That makes me want to keep going on the diet!

Anyway... the results:

Alicia- 1 pound- total weight loss= 6 pounds
Jason- 3 pounds- total weight loss= 7 pounds

Who will be the first to get to 15 pounds?? I guess you'll have to keep checking in on Mondays to find out!


The Dales said...

You GO girl! I know you can do it!

Jackie said...

That band camp is sure to put you past Jason quick.

erin said...

You guys are doing great! Keep up the good work!!! :)
Enjoy some fresh fruit smoothies... just cut up whatever fruit is in your kitchen (or frozen fruits- I also have tons stocked up from green giant coupons this winter) and some ice in the blender. And wall-la! You have a delicious, refreshing, healthy treat!!! Sometimes we add a little juice (OJ or minute maid Berry Punch) to give it a little twist, but it also increases your sugar/calorie intake. Anyhow, I'm addicted to these...