Monday, July 12, 2010

McFatty Monday and the 15 Pound Challenge

When I began this blog, I posted my New Year's Resolutions. See here. I'm doing pretty good with trying to spend our money wisely, I'm still working on getting that routine working in our home, but the lose 10 pounds thing... HA... I haven't touched that. 

I love's message boards. I spent a lot of my time during my pregnancy looking at these message boards and talking to other pregnant women about what we were experiencing. From these message boards, I got to know a lady named Blair. Blair has a blog over at It is fantastic. She has been losing her baby weight while suffering from postpartum depression and she writes in such a neat style. 

ANYWAY-- she developed McFatty Monday. I think the name is cute, so I'm borrowing it. 

A few weeks ago, while walking on the beach, Jason talked me into entering this 15 pound challenge with him. Basically, whoever loses 15 pounds first wins. We haven't decided what we'll win... I guess being 15 pounds lighter is a win in itself. Today is the first day. I'm determined to win. :) 

Each Monday, I'll update you with our progress and let you see how we're doing. I might even try to get some photos and let you see our progress (we'll see if Jason goes for that... haha). I wanted to let you all know so that I would have some accountability and rethink putting oreos in my mouth! 

So-- here it goes. Day 1 has begun! 

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