Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution for 2011

Last year, I made three resolutions. Of the three, I accomplished one. I met the ten pound weight loss (plus another 8). YAY for me... but it really wasn't that difficult. Chasing around Grayson has pulled weight off me faster than I could have ever imagined. Haha... hopefully I won't find that weight this year!

The other two resolutions were to save more money, and follow Fly Lady. I learned how to shop the deals, but I DID NOT save more money. Unfortunately, for me, shopping the deals made me purchase more things... and I did not save. My house was messier than it has ever been this year, so a Fly Lady follower I was not.

This year I have ONE resolution. I'm only choosing one, because I KNOW I can do it if I focus on one thing.

My kitchen will be clean, clean, clean before I go to bed

Now, does this mean I don't care about the rest of our house? No. I just want to start with something that I know I can make myself do, and then go from there. A clean kitchen has always made me feel less stressed, and more ready to start the day. I think it will be a wonderful thing to wake up to. 

In other news, I found a REALLY awesome blog a couple of days ago. Check out I think I'm going to live my big city life daydreams vicariously through this girl. Haha! 

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Erin said...

I completely agree with you about having a clean kitchen! It drives me nuts to wake up to a mess in there... I also love the fact that you have made one goal. Way to focus! Aaron and I have one goal together (to cook at least 3 meals/week) and I have one by myself (loose 20lbs). Both of these goals are completely attainable and will push us to working on living a healthier lifestyle which is important to both of us. :) Happy New Year!!!