Friday, October 28, 2011

Very Hungry Caterpillar Story

Before I forget.... Grayson was so funny last night. 

He wanted me to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had only gotten through about a page when he held out his hand and said, "I read it." So, he began. 

He flipped to the pages where the caterpillar begins to eat. 

"Nonsense words, nonsense words, Still Hungee!"
"Nonsense words, nonsense words, Still Hungee!"

Then he turned to page where he eats all the junk food...

"A cake, cookie, chocate nilk, nother cake"

And then he decided to end on the last page. 


He closed the book and said, "That's a good book!" 


Jackie said...

I love that little guy!

Meredith said...

LOVE IT! What a precious story of Grayson that you'll remember forever.

Meredith said...

PS Henry and I have Skyped several times with Perrin lately when Grayson is there. G will pop his head in for a few minutes and look at us like, "What are they doing here?" It's so cute.

The Dales said...

I love how he says chocolate nilk. Perrin also said it that way and it reminds me of when Perrin was 2. So precious.

brynnsmommy said...

oh my gosh, LOVE it. Made me laugh out loud. I love hearing Brynn "read" now too. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of her faves too. Tonight we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear 3 times in a row. By the last time I was pretty much just holding the book though. Makes you feel like you're doing something right, doesn't it? :)