Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This was the first year that Jason and I really got to experience Halloween with Grayson. We had a wonderful time, and the night ended too, too quickly!

I had class tonight (the last class of my current course) so I HAD to attend. The professor had hinted that we were going to get out very early (between 6-6:30) but things were taking SO long. My mind was not in class mode, and all I could do was think about getting home to Grayson and Jason! 

Anyway, I pulled into the driveway around 7:00 p.m. We quickly got Grayson dressed. He did NOT want to cooperate for pictures. I told him that we were going outside so in these first couple of photos he is just ready to go!!! 

We decided to bring his little car so that he didn't have to walk the entire way. That was the best idea ever. :) 

What is that white thing in his hand? Right as we were leaving he found the sleeve to one of his Blue's Clues DVDs. He insisted that he take it. 

He was a little scared to go up to strange houses. At one house he walked up to the door, said "I'm scared, I'm scared" and then saw that the neighbors were wearing Gamecock shirts. Then he said, "Go COCKS!" 

When we got home he inspected his goodies.

One of our neighbors bought him some puffs. We couldn't tell her that he hasn't eaten these since he was a little baby. It was so sweet of them to think of our Grayster! 

Then he spied the Reese's Cup. 

A little chocolate on your face can't hurt! :)

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