Friday, December 30, 2011

Goal for 2012

It is the time of year when I like to decide what new goal I'm going to have to better myself in the coming year. This year I've decided to pick one goal and make it a great one. 

I'm going to be incorporating the FlyLady system into my life. From

FlyLady uses the Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE) system as a basis for organizing her home and her life. She adds humor, spunk, and a dose of common sense to her advice, but be prepared — FlyLady does not allow whining.

First, you join as a FlyBaby. You will receive your e-mail “Welcome Letter” from FlyLady instructing you on how to get started. You will also receive regular e-mail reminders from FlyLady about zones, decluttering, laundry, shoes (honestly, shoes are very important here!) and more. Don’t feel overwhelmed! FlyLady will keep you on track using small baby steps. And FlyBabies — no peeking at all of the routines, etc., shown on the FlyLady website. You are just getting started!

Now, as you progress, Flylady will send you e-mails to help you develop routines to get you going in the morning and to send you off to sleep in the evening. She’s tough here —routines are very important! It takes 21 days to form a habit, but for SHEs, it takes 28 days. FlyLady is going to insist you shine your sink, too — you’ll soon find out why!

Decluttering is next. FlyLady will help you declutter your house using Hot Spot Fire Drills and the 27-Fling Boogie. If the thought of decluttering your home is overwhelming, don’t worry — Flylady has been there and knows what you are going through! In fact, FlyLady still has her own “dungeon” of clutter she is working on!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, single or married, working in or out of the home, have kids or not — this can work for you. You can easily adapt FlyLady’s system to fit your own lifestyle. You will find that, with time, your house and life will pull together.
“My prayer for all my fellow SHEs is that each finds happiness and pride in ourselves and our accomplishments. That we raise our children to be good, productive, and happy people. And that we light up a room with our smile.” – FlyLady
I've used FlyLady before, but never consistently. I remember using it a few years ago when I was a high school band director. It was a band contest day and I woke up, made my bed, cleaned my bathroom and put a load of laundry in the washer... all before I left for the day! When I was on the way to school I remember thinking, "Wow... that was strange!"

The new, beautiful flooring in my home has inspired me to want to keep my house looking nice. I love the feeling of walking into a clean home after a long day almost as much as I love waking up in a clean house.

Anyway- my resolution is to have a home that is always welcoming and inviting to everyone... especially me, Jason, Grayson and Gordo! 


The Dales said...

Good goal! I should make it mine also. A clean house puts me in a good mood!

Alicia said...

I was reading that we spend 40% of our housecleaning time dealing with clutter (and I think that is severely under-exaggerating). I need to get most of this stuff OUT of here!

Terri said...

I like this idea!! Perhaps a new goal that we will implement here at the White house, too!!

brynnsmommy said...

I'm with you! Maybe we can encourage each other. I was doing awesome with my baby steps but somehow got off track. I got some of the magic purple cloths and her water bottle for Christmas (that I put on my wishlist back when I was motivated!) so maybe that will help. Here's to FLYing!