Monday, February 6, 2012


It has been a few days full of injuries at our house.


On Saturday evening, Jason called home around 6:00 p.m. to inform me that he was on the way to the emergency room. To make a long story very short, he was kicked by a bad guy and hurt his thumb, lip and nose. We're most concerned about his thumb. The emergency room doctor said that he didn't break anything, but wanted him to get his thumb examined on Monday.

Today the doctor decided that nothing is torn.. YAY!! He just has to keep his thumb wrapped up, and go back every week for the next few weeks to be re-examined. This week he'll been on light duty at work (meaning no regular patrol work).


As I was on my way to class tonight (I'd actually just gotten back in the car from getting my eyebrows done) Jason called. He said I needed to come home because Grayson had hurt his eye. He told me that the cut was worse than when he got hurt around this same time last year. I quickly called the doctor. Our pediatrician's office has late nights (until 7 p.m.) at rotating locations. We had to go to the downtown location, but I was able to get an appointment.


The doctor's visit was just as you would imagine.... lots of tears, lots of screaming... it just wasn't fun. The doctor told me that we didn't need to glue it, but that the scar would be bigger if we didn't. I chose glue!

On our way home we picked up Grayson's choice of ice-cream and fries. He thinks his boo-boo is already gone and says, "It's okay!"

SO... I'm hoping to stay well and away from the doctor... surely we can make that happen!

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