Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Well... I did something strange last week.

I made my own laundry detergent.

I had the idea a little over a week ago when I was reviewing some of the FlyLady FB group posts. Someone mentioned that she had just made a batch of her own laundry detergent. She said she had been doing it for years, loved it, and it saved her a bunch of money.

Okay... I'm listening.

So, I began to research recipes. I found this one from the Duggar Family. I figured if they used homemade laundry soap it had to work because no one wants to redo laundry for that many people... you'd need it to work the first time, every time.

I polled my FB friends. Many said they had made their own laundry soap or knew someone who did. No one said that it didn't clean as well as it should.

I found ALL of my supplies at Wal-Mart: Fels Naptha Bar, Borax, Super Washing Soda, storage container, and a cheapo set of measuring spoons (88 cents) so I could steal the 1 TBSP one from the set. All in all, my first batch cost around $10 (and I have PLENTY of Borax and Super Washing Soda left over for many more batches. By the way, I should mention that I had to look hard for these ingredients at my, very ghetto, Wal-Mart. They were on the bottom row, right beside the fabric softeners. Don't give up if you don't immediately see these things... keep looking!

I've used the homemade stuff for a week. I love the smell and have only noticed clean clothes. It looks like I won't have to make any more for 155 more loads. Awesome. :)


Terri said...

I make my own detergent, too, and love it!! I think it cleans great and you can't beat how cheap it is!

The Dales said...

As SOON as I have a spare moment I am doing this! I have thought about it for a while but thought it might be too hard or inconvenient so I never tried it. You just inspired me!! I LOVE the smell of detergent in my clothes (Tide) so I think I will just keep using my fabric softner and they will still have a fresh scent!

The Oyervides' said...

I really want to try this! I will let you know how it goes!