Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freezer Meals

Today I decided to fill my freezer.

I became interested in the idea when I was reading Money Saving Mom's Blog. She makes lots of freezer meals so that she always has something available for dinner. She says they save her time and money. I'm in.

Like probably all of you, there are times in my life that are so hectic I can hardly think about dinner. One of two things usually happens on those evenings:

1) We pick up Pete's.
2) We order pizza.

Both of these options are unhealthy and usually more expensive than what I can make at home.

SO... today I made freezer meals.

After scouring the internet for recipes, I found this website: I tried one recipe a couple of weeks ago. It was good. I decided to purchase the book, and began reading it Sunday evening.

Yall know that I'm a couponer, but I haven't been feeling it this summer. I just want a break from the scissors and the newspaper. Today I went to the grocery store with NO coupons. I got EVERYTHING that I needed to make and assemble 10 meals. My cost was right under $100. I think that is pretty good for 10 meals with no coupons.

I didn't want to do 30 meals in one day because that sounded very overwhelming. I picked 10. You don't actually make 10 different recipes. You make five and then split them into two meals each.

You choose them from different categories (slow cooker, oven, stovetop, assemble) so that you can make several at one time.

I chose:

Cream Cheese Chicken- slow cooker
Chicken Cordon Bleu- oven
Jack Soup- stovetop
Italian Shells- assemble
Chicken and Dressing- assemble

Anyway... the cool thing was that I did it during the time period of one Grayson nap. Two and a half hours and my freezer is full with 10 (actually nine... we had one tonight) meals that I can serve over the next two weeks.

I really think that this could work for me in the fall. :)


Erin said...

I wanted to start by saying that I've been really out of couponing, too! I'm not sure what it is, but I haven't been a coupon trip in over a month which anyone who knows me would think is crazy.

So, I've wanted to try out freezer cooking! Your post makes it sound pretty simple. How much room did it take in your freezer? I always find we have a lack of space in there, since we normally buy produce that's ripe (on clearance) then cut it and freeze it...

Alicia said...

It really didn't take that much room at all... just one shelf in my freezer. Most of the meals fit into one gallon size freezer bag. I know I'd be struggling to find room for 30 meals though...

I read one time on Hip2Save that if you need a break from couponing you should take one. Otherwise you'll get really burned out and will never want to do it again. SO, I'm taking her advice!

Erin said...

Sounds great! Hopefully I can start doing more freezer cooking!! I might holler at you for some advice in the near future. :)

The Oyervides' said...

This sounds really great! I really would like to try this! Thanks for the information girl!

Kami said...

I was hoping that you would make a post about this because I saw you update on Facebook about it. I am interested in trying this! Thank you for sharing the idea for it! :)