Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Gordo is Sick

On Monday, I decided to put some flea and tick medicine on his neck. He tensed up the muscles in his neck, and hours later, he began to act like his neck was bothering him. I was a little concerned, but I thought he would sleep it off.

Tuesday, he acted like he felt a little better. In fact, this picture of Gordo was taken Tuesday afternoon:

Isn't he cute!?!

Tuesday evening, we went to bed. Gordo is like our baby, he sleeps between us with his head on the pillow. I know, I know... You must remember that Gordo has been my dog since my senior year of college and he has been spoiled his entire life. 

Anyway, around 1:00 a.m. I accidentally moved the pillow that his head was on in my sleep. Gordo yelped. Then he continued to cry for about 5 minutes straight. I took him downstairs. He wouldn't eat or drink, and he refused to move his head. I thought about taking him to the emergency vet, but I decided that we would wait it out until the morning. 

When we were finally seen at the veterinarian's office, we decided that Gordo has a pinched nerve. He has THREE bottles of medicine:

We're hoping that everything will correct itself in 10 days or so. If not, we're in for another trip to the vet, and the next one comes with x-rays to make sure it isn't a disc problem. So far, Gordo seems to be improving slightly. 

We could use your kind thoughts and prayers for our puppy. 

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