Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grayson's First Haircut

There is a little boy in our life who got his very first haircut today!!

I have been debating on a haircut for a few weeks now... his hair was really long in spots, but not so long in other places. He was bald baby for so long that he still doesn't have a ton of hair. BUT, it was looking scraggly in several places and I just decided to do it!

We went to Snip-Its! and had a GREAT experience!

See? Cute, but a little long in spots. 

Grayson appreciated the fun things to play with while we waited for our turn. 

His hairdresser knew just what he needed... a lollipop, tv show, and a seatbelt. 

I really expected screaming... but he sat still! 

Maybe because Mommy never gives him lollipops at home! 

Cute boy!!

 Then the lady had to finish up with the razor... he HATED that part. It scared him and I had to hold on to him and keep saying, "It's okay". He was very brave.

When the hairdresser finally told him that he was done and unbuckled him he said,

"I DID IT!!"

He was so proud of himself!
Leaving the shop... new blue sucker in one hand, new ball (his prize for being good) in the other! 

I could tell he had fun, because as soon as we got in the car he said, "Good Day!"
Such a big boy!!

The  End!

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