Sunday, August 28, 2011

Living with a Toddler

Our Wild Man
(Don't worry Moms... Jason was within touching distance!)

We've had quite the weekend.

For most of the weekend, Grayson has been a perfect little angel. He gives random hugs and kisses, says "I love you", "please", and "thank you".

But we've also had our share of fits. "We can't go outside right now Grayson" (insert fit). Grayson plays outside and then gets hot and cranky but refuses to come inside (insert another fit). Grayson needs a new diaper (fit time again). We're really doing our best to correct his behavior, but yall... parenting is tough!!

Then there are times like last night. We went to celebrate my grandma's birthday at Ruby Tuesday's and he sat in his highchair for an hour and a half! He had a great time and the only time he got upset was when the waiter took my uneaten fries away.

So-- don't worry mamas of the world. I don't judge you if your kid is being a little crazy. I've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt....


Jackie said...

I believe most children have "fits" and that is just part of being a parent. I had Henry with me yesterday and stopped by a friends house to let her see him. When it was time to leave, I tried to put Him back in the car seat and he had a "fit", arched that back, screamed and wouldn't let me buckle him in...oh well. I just had to laugh.

The Dales said...

I think Grady almost has Grayson's almost perfect disposition and I'm thrilled! Your boy is pretty darn close to perfect but I know they act differently at home. Maybe boys with names that start with G are just good babies!!!

Haley said...

Alicia, he is so handsome! He has the most contagious smile! :)