Thursday, September 15, 2011

Printing Photos

So, a couple of weeks ago I discovered My life might never be the same.

Before then, I used snapfish for any photo prints I wanted. They were fine, but when my mom wanted to print one of my magnolia pictures in a 16x20, Snapfish just couldn't provide us with what we needed.

Several amateur photographers mentioned loving Mpix, so I decided to give them a go.... Holy Moly gorgeous. I will never look back.

Anyway, I got that 16x20 printed with a matboard placed underneath. It was amazing... seriously, I doubted that I even took the photo.

If you get anything printed and want to be super amazed, I heard that you should choose the metallic paper. Of course, that was recommended to me AFTER I placed my first order.

Anyway... look how good these prints turned out:

I've decided this picture doesn't do the prints justice... yall, they are super nice. 

I'm not near blog savvy enough to write something that someone will sponsor. I really did like my order, I really did pay for my order, and I really have already ordered again, haha!

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