Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two-Year-Olds Are Awesome

I've decided that two year olds are kind of awesome.

My afternoon went something like this...

I picked up Grayson at Stephanie's house. He was excited to see me, but disappointed to be leaving. (I'm happy he missed me, but even happier that he can express that he enjoys where he stays during the day!)

We came home, had a snack, and then he played while I had a chance to start a load of clothes and clean up upstairs. (I've been missing out on this little "independent play" gem for much of the past 2 years!)

He ate dinner (which was really just a few chicken nuggets since he had a good snack a couple of hours ago), and decided that he was too big to sit in "his" seat. A regular chair works just fine, thank you very much. (I just smile, I like that he thinks he is so grown up.)

Then it was time for his bath. He wanted a bubble bath (which he was sure to let me know) and I told him to let Dad undress him. He walked over to Jason and immediately pulled up his shirt.

Bath time was funny. He passed gas, laughed, and said "I tooted!"

Tonight he requested to read his "Horsey, Neigh" book (the newest arrival from the Imagination Library).  We read a few pages together and then he flipped through the rest and said "Good Book!"

Next, he wanted to rock and sing. He sang "Rock-A-Bye Baby, On Da Tee-Top" at the top of his lungs... then we sang it a few times together before he told me he needed to go "Night, Night", gave me a kiss and sent me on my way...

I think I'm loving the two-year-old thing.


Jackie said...

He is just the neatest kid!

The Dales said...

2 is so fun! They are like little people, that can tell you what they want...or don't want! ha! The first day he was back with us, "his" seat was in the attic (had to put it away when G was born with everyone coming over for dinner, needed the seating) so I sat him in Perrin's booster seat and he thought that was super cool, and he told me it was "cool." Maybe he decided since then he is too cool for a little boy chair!

I am glad he has fun here because we have more fun here when he is here!! :)

I already can't wait for Grady to be that age because it really is a fun age!

Meredith said...

I'm glad it's going well for you! 1 is my favorite. Maybe 2 would be better if Henry could communicate better.