Friday, September 16, 2011

Sick Grayster

Our Grayster is sick.

Earlier this week I scheduled Grayson's 2 year old well-check for yesterday. The appointment was in the afternoon, and I decided to take a half day at work so that Jason and I could take him together.

After working in the morning, I checked my phone before I got in the car... Ms. Kelly had just sent a text saying that Grayson had a fever. I hurried over to her house. When I got there his little cheeks were flushed and his eyes just didn't look like Grayson eyes. I knew he was sick.

So, our well visit turned into a sick visit. Grayson was scared and cried throughout the entire appointment (which he has NEVER done before). After the doctor was done with his exam, we went into his office to talk about Grayson's development. Our little boy fell asleep in my arms as we talked. Sick, sick, sick.

Anyway, the doctor did a strep test and it came back positive. Dr. Wylie faxed our prescription to CVS and we were on our way.

He has been so lethargic at the house. Just hanging around. He will never sit still for very long, but the past two days he has been so cuddly and tired.

As of now, he has been on antibiotics for 24 hours. I think he'll probably begin to feel better tomorrow, and be back to his normal self by Sunday... we'll see, as of now, we're enjoying the extra cuddle time. :)

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The Dales said...

Aw, I hate when babies are sick, they are sooo pitiful. Hope he feels back to his normal self soon!