Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Years

My itty bitty baby turned two on Sunday.

Sometimes it feels like we've only had him for a few minutes... other times I find myself trying to remember what life was like without him. 

He has changed me... 

I'm a different teacher now. I see Grayson in all of my students and sincerely want the best for each of them. Sad stories of kids absolutely break my heart now in a way that those stories never could touch me before. I don't think you have to be a mom to be a great teacher, but I do think Grayson has made me a better teacher. 

I take time to enjoy the simple things in life (that sometimes shouldn't be enjoyed at all!). This summer has been so hot that we've had a terrible problem with ants at our house, and I promise we're doing everything there is to do to control them. Does that bother Grayson... NO!! He has been known to say, "Bye, bugs" as we leave the house... I have been known to laugh. 

I find myself counting down the hours until I can see my family. I sometimes have to get Grayson out of his crib for one extra snuggle at night. Even when Grayson is in full fit mode, I'd still rather be home with him than anywhere else in the world. 

So... two years... where did you go??? 


Meredith said...

All of us moms out here couldn't agree with you more! I've always been pretty sensitive about children, but now I can't even watch some TV shows or movies or even the news. I see Henry in every child who is hurting. I think it's a blessing and a curse that we feel such empathy!

The Dales said...

Being a mom is the best thing in the world. Your little Grayson is just precious and we love him. You are an amazing mommy and Grayson is so lucky to have you and Jason.