Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Thoughts

Two things:

1) My house is getting clean!! I've spoken about FlyLady several times before, but I'm excited to say that it is actually working!!! I'm decluttering, developing routines and enjoying the house. The top 5 things I've learned on FlyLady so far:

  1. I start a load of clothes almost every single morning before I go to work. When I get home, I put them in the dryer and then put them away. By the time the weekend arrives, there is NO laundry to do. :)
  2. Before we go to bed I start the dishwasher (if it is full). As soon as I get up, I unload it. Now we always have a place to put the dirty dishes instead of letting them pile up in the sink. 
  3. Have two sets of sheets. Store the other set under your mattress so that it doesn't take up room in your closet. How easy is this?!? 
  4. You can do anything for 15 minutes. I usually clean for 15 minutes in the morning, right before I get Grayson out of the bed. It is so nice, because I can get the entire downstairs looking great before I leave, and it still looks that way when we get home!
  5. When you cook dinner, fill one side of your kitchen sink up with hot soapy water. That way you can drop things in the water as you're finished with them so that they can pre-soak before going into the dishwasher. 
2) Jason and I are back to the low-carb lifestyle. We couldn't stay away long... and we both really want to lose a few pounds. I have a HUGE event coming up at the end of February (probably the biggest event of my career so far) and Jason promised his wellness nurse at work that he would lose 10 pounds before his next check-up with her in March. 

I did that detox diet the first week of January (well, actually the first 3 days of January). It was fine, I lost 4 pounds but went back to my normal ways and gained the weight back. YUCK. I have got to begin winning this fight! 

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Jackie said...

Those are some great tips on staying ahead of the "mess". Thanks. Now I wish I could give up the carbs!