Friday, January 13, 2012

School Story

Since last Sunday I've wanted to write this story into my blog...

I have a student you HAVE to know about. At the beginning of the school year, our Superintendent said that we need to start "testifying" and telling the community our stories about the great things that happen in our classrooms.

Here is my story. 

I have a middle school trumpet player who has been in my band for three years now. I only teach seventh and eighth graders. You can pretty much read between the lines. Every single Christmas, for three consecutive years, I think about that child. I hope that his day is a good one, and I always say a special prayer for him. In fact, I think about him on all of the major holidays. I just worry about him... a lot. 

Anyway, I have told him on numerous occasions that I would take him as my own. He tells other teachers (and students) that I am his mother. When they ask me about it I smile and say "Yes". 

He is in my class of 60. Every single day, that class begins a little chaotically. Every single day, amidst all of the chaos, he comes up to me and asks if he can teach class that day. Even though I tell him no, I secretly think that he would be awesome. I'm planning on saying yes one day this spring... just to see what happens. 

He does not own his own instrument. He uses a school owned trumpet that is probably worth $75. Most of my other trumpet players play on instruments that are worth much, much, much more. He plays on a plastic mouthpiece that I purchased for him for $12 last year. He wrote me a letter in his keyboarding class this year. He told me that band was his favorite class and that he wanted to be a professional trumpet player when he grew up. I honestly think he might accomplish his goal. 

This past Saturday he auditioned for Region Band. Despite all of the things going against him (including the fact that I didn't know if anyone would be able to take him to the audition) he made the band. Not only that... he was 5th out of 156 trumpet players who auditioned for Junior Band. 

When I decided that I needed to stay home with Grayson on Monday I was sad that I wouldn't be able to share this child's great results from Region Band with him. I asked another teacher to tell him, and hoped that he would be as excited as I was for him. 

I went to school on Tuesday. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, his bus was pulling in as well. He saw me as I was walking in and called out my name. I stopped and gave that child the biggest hug ever. I asked him if he was excited. He smiled from ear to ear. I told him that I was proud of him and he said, "Thank you!". 

Next Saturday, he auditions for All-State Band. If I can get him to the audition (it is 1.5 hours away), he just may make the band... all by playing on his $75 trumpet and $12 mouthpiece. Say a special prayer for him next week. This audition just may be the beginning of something great for him. 


brynnsmommy said...

Wow! I love those success stories! It is awesome when you can tangibly see you are making a difference.:)

The Dales said...

I will definitely be praying for him, that someone will take him and that he will play with all of his heart! You are making such a difference! So proud to call you my friend!

Erin said...

What an amazing story! I agree with Steph!!

I have my old trumpet here (not sure if it's even worth more than the $75 school owned one), but I'd love to send it down to you to give to him. It's been collecting dust in my closet (and moved to three different states) with my intentions of selling it one day. This seems like a much better cause if you think he'd enjoy it!

Terri said...

Aww!! I am praying for this sweet child! What an impact you are having on his life! So proud of such awesome teachers like you!! :)

Alicia said...

Thanks guys. He is a really special student and I am lucky to be able to have him in class each day.

Erin- it is completely up to you. I know he would LOVE to have his own trumpet, but please don't feel like you have to sacrifice your own. Think about it, and if you want to do it, next time you're in town you can bring it down with you. :)

Erin said...

We probably won't be down to SC until the end of May, so if you email/message me your mailing information I will send it to you!