Friday, June 1, 2012

Daycare Drama

This morning, Grayson and I decided to head to the park. As we were pulling in, I saw my dear friend Kaci leaving. A few seconds later my cell phone rang...

Kaci: Is that you going to the park??
Me: Yes... I hate that you guys are just leaving.
Kaci: Well, we have to run to visit Mimi, but good luck... there is a daycare there and the kids are all over the place.

As soon as we got out of the park- we saw tons of kids and two adults. The park was covered with kiddos. One adult appeared to be walking around and assisting, but the other was sitting on a bench with her earphones, obviously listening to tunes on her iPod. The kids were, just as Kaci said, running all over the place. Some were climbing on the outside of play structures that they should not have.

Grayson began to play but then I saw a look of confusion come across his face. The woman with the ipod decided to begin yelling at the kids (not very nicely). She yelled at one to come see her and as soon as the little girl arrived, she told her she needed to go get some kleenex and wipe her own sister's nose. Seriously?!? Anyway... I was shocked and a little scared. So was Grayson.

In August, Grayson begins 3K. He will be at an all-day program... school for half of the day, daycare for the rest. I want so much for his caregivers to love him and care for him, just like I do. I want him to develop independence and learn, but I want him to feel safe. I wonder if the parents of the kids I saw today have any idea who is watching their children...

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