Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Heart Craigslist

This is a CRAZY story... but it is 100% true. 

As of Thursday evening, I hadn't decided what we wanted to get Jason for Father's Day. I began prodding Jason for some ideas and he suggested that we update our outdoor furniture. 

We needed a place to go and relax in the evenings after we put Grayson to bed. Too often, we sit on our respective couches, watch TV and use the computer and iPad. Sometimes we go to bed and realize we've barely spoken to each other!! I thought it was a great idea... but I had one major question... What do I do with all of our old stuff??

On Friday morning I got the idea to list our old outdoor stuff on Craigslist. It needed a good cleaning and new cushions so I offered it up for free. I included this photo: 

Then I went to take a shower. After I had dried off I checked my email and found three responses. I called up the first lady and she said she'd be right over. 

It took less than 40 minutes from start to finish. When I deleted my original post I had received 22 responses. 

SO- We got this new stuff... and we love it!!

Because I had so much luck yesterday, at breakfast this morning I got the wild idea to clean out the garage. We had a bunch of junk... old stuff that wouldn't work anymore, etc. SO-- I listed it on Craigslist. 

Less than an hour later, my garage was cleaned out and the nice man that took my stuff gave me his phone number and said to please call if I found anything else to give away. Apparently he enjoys small engine repair and likes lots of random things. When I deleted that post I had received 19 responses...

Now my de-cluttered garage needs organizing but I'm saving that project for next week!!

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