Friday, April 22, 2011

Gordo is SIX!!!!

My itty bitty puppy is six years old!!! 

Where did the time go?? 

Baby Gordo

I thought it might be appropriate to share the story of how Gordo came to be ours.... 

I was a junior in college and my good friend Mark talked me into renting a house with him for the next school year. Even though it was against our rental contract (PLEASE don't tell my old landlord!), I thought house = dog... so, I began my search. 

Gordo's breeders lived in Swansea, SC. It was about a 35 minute drive from Columbia.  I decided to email the breeder and she promptly called me back. She said she had a female who was due around the middle of April and asked what my preferences were. I said chocolate and tan male... why I said those specifics, I'm not sure.... but that is what I said. 

On April 22nd, 2005 I got the call... she had only one chocolate and tan male... in fact, there was only one puppy in the litter. Since I was the only person who had requested those traits, he was mine to have if I wanted him. I needed to check my email, look at the pictures she sent me and let her know as soon as possible if this was the puppy I wanted. 

Jason and I looked at the photos. Let me clearly state that Jason was originally against the idea of my getting a dog. He said he was pretty sure I couldn't keep plants alive, so he definitely didn't trust me with a dog. ANYWAY, when he saw Gordo's pictures he said, "You better go ahead and call her to tell her that you want him".... and with that simple statement, Gordo became a part of our family. 

Eight weeks later (on the Friday before Father's Day) I took him home. I picked him up in the Columbiana Mall parking lot. Gordo cried all the way to the interstate, and then he slept until we made it to my parent's house. When he woke up, he accepted me as his new human mommy and we've been together ever since. :)

October 2011 (Old Camera) Gordo 

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