Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Joined a CSA!!

What exactly is a CSA? CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture". Basically, we've purchased a subscription for local, organic produce (and herbs) at reasonable prices. The farm that we've specifically chosen to support is Princess Anne Meadows Garden and Farm from Gaffney, SC. In just a few weeks, we'll begin receiving bi-monthly home deliveries of fresh produce, eggs, and milk. When it is available, we can add fresh chicken, pork, rabbit, duck, and even goose to our order.

So... the cost?? Fifty dollars a month for each member of your family (twenty-five for little Graysters). There is a small fee for home delivery (but isn't that cool?!?) and the owner promises to never make money off of her delivery service (she only wants to cover her cost) so the price can/ will fluctuate based on how many people in your area are in the CSA as well as gas prices. ALSO, if you talk your friend into participating with you (I talked Mom into it) she'll knock another 10% off your monthly price for 6 months!

Anyway, the whole point of this post is.... you should do it too!! I love the idea of supporting our local farmers, and I can't wait to add new vegetables to our diets. This one seems to be a winner and I'm looking forward to our first delivery!


Meredith said...

I hope you enjoy it! We adore ours.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of these before! I looked into it and there is one nearby where we live that sounds awesome! My cousin and I are thinking about both joining for the summer. What a wonderful way to get fresh veggies!