Thursday, April 7, 2011

Growing Up

One of perks of teaching is that I *sometimes* get to be at home before it is dark outside. (I say sometimes because the schedule that my field of education requires is not as good as most, AND most teachers I know stay at school well after their contract hours are over.) Today was one of those days. Grayson told me he wanted to go upstairs to play and I said, "How about outside?" He laughed and ran to the door. 

Grayster LOVES being outside. (As if you couldn't already tell.) 

I love that smile. I also love that you can look through most of my Grayster photos and see a little bit of Gordo in them. Grayster loves the Gordo. It's mutual. They are constantly kissing on each other. 

This child is my heart. I think about how I felt about him moments after he was born. I loved him... but I didn't LOVE him. Now, my mind constantly thinks about what we need to do to give him the best life possible. I feel so lucky to be his mama. :)

Love his smile... love his personality... just love him. 

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The Dales said...

Its so amazing how your love grows for your child. I never knew I would love Perrin like I love him today and I know I will say the same thing years down the road!