Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stephanie's Wedding

Is there a limit on the amount of pictures you can put in one blog post?? I'm about to find out.

I was part of an absolutely beautiful wedding this past weekend.

Thursday afternoon, Jason and I traveled down to Charleston to celebrate my friend Stephanie's wedding to her own Jason!

We stayed with Stefanie and Melissa (and the bride on Thursday and Friday!). Our townhouse was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L... it was also CHEAP (at least compared to the other rentals we considered)!! It had granite countertops, wood floors, stainless appliances, large bedrooms, AND... THREE bathrooms!!

Nothing quite feels as Charleston as a glass of Firefly sweet tea!  
Thursday night girl talk!

Friday morning, I had breakfast with Mel, Stef, and Stephanie at the townhouse. It was fun, relaxing, and exactly how Friday mornings should always be. THEN, we headed into town to get our nails done!

Fun times

We ended up all choosing shades of pink. Typical. 

Sweet flower girls!

How much more fun can you have?!? 

This maid of honor deserved this relaxing moment. 

Jason and I ate lunch together and he decided that the best place to go would be Bushido's. He saw this place on one of his favorite guy shows, "Man versus Food". This place has a sushi spicy tuna hand roll challenge. Jason didn't complete the challenge, but he did try a level 7 (out of 10) hand roll. He said he wished he hadn't... haha. 

The rehearsal was later that evening. Everyone was late... I mean everyone... yes, even that "everyone". BUT, I did get several good pictures, AND we eventually did get the rehearsal started. 

Isn't he cute!?

Butterflies... I love this guy!

Beautiful Stefanie!

Great friends

Gorgeous Bride-to-be!!

Jason acting tough

Then it was time for the Rehearsal dinner... great food, drinks, and dancing!!

There are no words. 

Stefanie's foot after she decided that her shoes made her feet hurt too much.


We had a fun lunch at the wedding site, and then spent the next few hours getting ready. Here are some pictures of our fun. 

Hairstylist on site = Godsend

Stefanie was a part-time stylist. 

Friends since middle school!

My favorite kind of picture to take of Mel

Then it was time for the wedding!! My camera isn't great at low-lighting shots, so I don't have too many of these, but the wedding was PERFECT! We cried many tears of joy (and some sad tears, too) and we smiled, danced, and laughed the night away. 

Pretty rings

I left my camera on the table. This is what Erin and Aaron left for me. LOVE it!!

Such a sweet couple!

The maid of honor working up a sweat!
We had so much fun this weekend. It was a joy to be a part of Stephanie's big day. She has been one of my dearest friends for a long time. We've had really good times together and some tough times, too. Life is full of those bad times... I think the most important thing is what you do with those bad times and Stephanie and I chose to not let them destroy a great friendship. This is one of the things that makes my heart feel proud. 

Stephanie, I wish you and your own Jason a lifetime of happiness. Remember to be patient, kind, and compassionate... and make sure you have fun all along the way. :)


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