Monday, July 4, 2011

Mommy's Rocking Horse

Last night Grayson decided to try out my old rocking horse. He LOVED it!! 

This thing is probably close to 25 years old and was one of my favorite toys! We laughed because you can tell the safety standards on toys have changed through the years... but I still love this rocking horse and so does our little guy!  

Last night, Mom and I put Grayson on it (we've been trying for the past few weeks) and even though he was scared, you could tell he wanted to do it! I held one of his hands and Mom supported his back. He bounced and bounced. Then he let go of my hand and wanted Mom to back away so he could do it all by himself!! Every time I would ask him if he wanted to get down he would say, "NO!" :)

Here are some pictures of me on my rocking horse when I was a little older than Grayson and then Grayson on the rocking horse, too! 


Lindsey Mair said...

I never realized how much Grayson looks like you until I saw these pictures side by side! Love it.

Kami Taylor said...

Okay either we had a horse just like that one, or I played on that one as a kid too because I remember being on one just like it! lol It's crazy how memories can come back to you like that. :)