Monday, July 18, 2011

Pick Your Hard- McFatty Edition

Weight loss this week: .6 pounds
Total weight loss: 2.6 pounds 

During the past two weeks I have found some motivation from the Weight Watcher's Online Message Boards. One woman really made me think when she said:

"Being overweight is hard. Losing weight/ maintaining weight is hard. Pick your hard."

Hmm... this truly struck a chord with me. I can tell when my weight begins to creep up. My pants get tighter, my energy wanes, and my stomach gives me all kinds of fits.  Being overweight is hard. 

Weight watchers, in all of its goodness, doesn't give me the quick weight loss that low carb does. I find that low carb is difficult in its own way... sometimes you just don't have a choice but to eat carb-rich food. Losing weight is hard. 

We all know that maintaining weight is hard. If it weren't, I might weigh what I did as a freshman in high school. I certainly haven't gotten any taller since then. 

When I read that statement I realized that my choices ultimately choose my path. Each path has its own trials. I have experienced each of these, and I belive this: as tough as losing weight is... it is worth it. With that in mind, I'll keep on keeping on. 


Jennifer said...

Hi! I ran across your blog via Terri's. Just wanted to say I LOVE that quote! I am on my own weightloss journey and that quote struck a chord with me! Thanks for sharing!!

Erin said...

My trainer also says... the only person that you cheat is yourself. Everytime I consider "sneaking" a cookie or sweet that line jumps in my head. :)