Monday, July 11, 2011

The Return of McFatty Monday

Well... it's July again.

For me, that usually means that it is time to make a decision:

1) Buy new BIGGER clothes
2) Lose weight so that I can continue to wear the ones I have

So, you're probably asking... didn't you lose weight last year?? Why, yes... yes I did. I actually lost 19 pounds.

I lost 13 pounds on Atkins, but then I found that marching season really made that diet impossible. I stopped, but my body was still on a roll... by Christmas I was 6 pounds lighter and my clothes were ALL too big. So, I gave (MOST of) them away. Now my smaller clothes are getting TIGHT!

I've gained back ten of those pounds since April, most of them in June. June is fat month for me... I just enjoy summer to its fullest!!!

Last week I began Weight Watchers. They have a new program and I LOVE it. It focuses on making choices that are non-processed and snacking on fruits and veggies. It seems like it combines the best of my low carb and the best of low calorie into one. I even get to enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.

I'm down 2 as of this morning. My total goal is to lose 15 pounds (or 13 additional pounds). That is a big number, but I think I can do it. I think that it will require me to make a commitment to myself, and I'm pretty excited about that.

The best thing about posting this on the blog is that I really feel like I'm accountable. So, once a week (on MONDAY!), I'll share my progress. I'd love any tips, suggestions, etc that you have!!


Jackie said...

Well at least you are staying on top of it each year. Unlike me that just let the lbs keep adding up each year.

The Dales said...

Girl, give me a few weeks and a delivery and I may be going you in WW!

Terri said...

You can do it girl!! Keep posting about your progress! I could use the inspiration to lose a few pounds myself!

Erin said...

I'm so happy that you're starting WW! I think they have a fantastic program. I still use the things I learned in 2008 when I did the program to help with my weight loss.
My favorite lifestyle changes...
1. Buy smaller plates. (I use salad size plates for all of my meals.)
2. Serve plates then put away all leftovers. (You really think twice about getting extra servings!)